20 September 2019: The importance of being there first

The Hollywood blockbuster AD ASTRA gives a different take on lifetime prediction and the potentially catastrophic effects of alien elements in a highly sophisticated energy system! 

8-13 September 2019: Come to Kyoto

Don't miss the presentations by AD ASTRA at the renowned ECS Conference SOFC-XVI for a first glance into the results of the project.

26-27 June 2019: AD ASTRA goes global

At the first progress meeting of the AD ASTRA project, international experts from Japan and the USA took part to address the global challenge of formulating accelerated stress tests for solid oxide cells. Prof. Uchida from Yamanshi University and Prof. Zhou from Louisiana University lead similar projects in their respective countries and will collaborate with AD ASTRA in a common mission.

Deadlines for the submission of Abstracts

Deadlines for the submission of Abstracts for the following important conferences is approaching! The SOFC-XVI conference in Kyoto, Japan (8-13 September ) and the European Fuel Cell “Piero Lunghi” Conference in Naples, Italy (9-11 December 2019). AD ASTRA will be there! See why this is important here


Università degli studi di Genova
Università degli studi di Salerno

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